What Men Think Of Our Beauty Rituals

Since the very first cavewoman caught her reflection in a puddle and was like, "I really need to do something about my brows," women have expended great amounts of energy on the pursuit of beauty. Here, we asked a diverse group of 20- and 30-something men what they thought of our beauty rituals, and you'll be surprised at their answers! Read More: Beauty Babble: Kerry Washington Talks MakeupSmooth Move: New Razor With Built-In Shaving Cream Here's what you said: Rastaman wrote: "I am a man who likes natural 'dos, [and] a minimum of make-up, but I understand that if my lady is going to a special occasion, she may want to go all out. I can appreciate that and I will encourage her to present herself in ways that she is most comfortable." Shw commented: "Men love the lure. Ask the women who wear the long weaves. They really do look and pay attention to you when you are swinging some fake hair around."
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