Commentary: Hiding Herpes Status From Your Lover

I know you're smart enough to ask your sexual partners about HIV, but are you asking them about Herpes, too?   Nearly one in every two African American women ages 14 to 49 has genital herpes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced at an STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta yesterday. Furthermore, two out of every five Blacks in that age group carry the virus compared with one out of every six Americans. Um, that's A LOT of people... Read more: Commentary: Gambling With HerpesUncovering HPV: 'The Common Cold of STDs' Here's what you had to say: Fran said: "Lying about something that serious is wrong. It's selfish, too. It's not just about you with herpes. I can't believe some people." Anonymous Commented: "It is easy to be self-righteous about right and wrong when you're not faced with the stigma and rejection. But having lived with H for almost 4 years, I understand the fear."


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