Commentary: Where's The Socially Conscious Music?

It's been almost 39 years since Marvin Gaye released his seminal album "What's Going On" and lately I've been vibing off his musings on the state of Black America more than ever. You see, I'm a sucker for socially conscious music: the kind that creates awareness (and sometimes, action) without having to carry an activist's bullhorn. It's that brand of soul and R&B music perfected by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, and many more. And yet, my generation's R&B leaves me wondering if I really need to hear another song about someone's sexual prowess... Read More: Commentary: T-Pain's "Freaknik" Is Animated BuffooneryT-Pain Brings Back Freaknik in Cartoon Musical Here's what you said: Anonymous commented: "If certain artists like Jay-Z would take the chance and make music that had a message, I bet you everyone would follow. Marvin Gaye took a big chance back in 1971 by making 'What's Going On.' Barry Gordy didn't want anything to do with it but agreed because Marvin held out." Queenie said: "I SO agree. I used to listen to my mother's records and be so inspired. Today's music is...background music at its best."


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