Commentary: T-Pain's 'Freaknik' Is Animated Buffoonery

You've got to be kidding me. If I hadn't seen T-Pain's "Freaknik: The Musical" with my own eyes I would have never believed a show with this much coonery could exist and actually be televised in 2010. As an entertainment writer, I'm usually very subjective on all things our society labels as entertainment. As a young writer, I consider myself quite liberal in my views on hip hop's effects on culture. But this hour-long animated special, which features the voices of hip hop heavy hitters such as Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Cee-lo, Kelis, and Lil' John, was anything but special. Truth be told, I'm usually an advocate for the it's-not-that-serious philosophy, but last night Cartoon Network's Adult Swim rendered me totally speechless... Read more: T-Pain Brings Freaknik Back in Cartoon Musical10 Black Actors Who Should've Won An Oscar Here's what you thought: Sheena said: This is absolutely embarrassing!!!! I am concerned about this generation and the generations to come. Nikki said: I find it disappointing that we are the only race of people who put down our own women and civil rights leaders. Derrick said: Stop blaming TV, hip hop and everything else for our social ills...We like to take credit for success but blame others for our failures.


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