T-Pain Brings Back Freaknik in Cartoon Musical

T-Pain wants to "resurrect the spirit" of Freaknik by debuting his cartoon "Freaknik: The Musical" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim channel tonight. Though he wasn't old enough to attend the annual gathering, he admits to remembering it as being "pretty crazy." "There was so much negativity around the idea of Freaknik that we felt like we should push the envelope and make it even more negative," he recently told the New York Times. We'll need a minute to process how someone would pay homage to an event where women were often treated like "freaks" by relying on negative stereotypes about African Americans (T-Pain's character has gold teeth, holds a gold pimp cup and wears a black cape tricked out with dollar signs)...  Read More: T.I.'s Akoo Billboard to be Taken DownExclusive: Akoo Model Speak OutWhite Sorority Step-Off Causes Controversy
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