Estelle's 'Freak' Blackface Backlash

The twittersphere is fired up over Estelle's new video for her single "Freak" in which she dons blackface makeup. Parlour Magazine's Hillary Crosley says the tweeters are being "hyper-sensitive." Estelle adds, "I'm Black, so how do I do blackface?" Check out the video and decide for yourself. Here's what you had to say: Misha said: "Estelle doesn't get the love that she deserves and quite frankly I like her music." Monnie said: "A tactic used to get folks talking about her and the video, otherwise ain't nobody checking for her. Everybody fawning over Bey, Alicia and Rhianna."   Read More: Estelle's Style FileEstelle's NY Fashion Week Diary
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