Balancing Act: Why Forgiveness Isn't Always Divine

S. Tia Brown discovers how her distanced relationship with her father has affected all the other male relationships in her life, and declares freedom from that negative cycle. "From now on my love has one condition: consistent reciprocity. Any man who wants me to call him daddy needs to treat me like his baby girl." Here's what you had to say: KJ said: "I sit here trying to stop the tears from falling. I too struggle with fully forgiving my father and also with the whole reciprocity aspect of a relationship. And what is sad is that I'm a believer (in God Almighty, my heavenly Father)." Patricia said: "My story too! I found myself falling for men that were just like my father, conditional lovers, not realizing that what I was doing was trying to validate myself thinking if I could make this man love me like I love him, then I won."   Read more: Balancing Act: Love The One You're With?Balancing Act: When Did Strong Become So Wrong?Balancing Act: I Want a Man Not a Fan


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