Living Together First Doesn't Make Marriage Last

A study of men and women from ages 15 to 44 found that couples that shack up before heading to the altar are less likely to have a lasting marriage, reported. We all knew the state of marriage in America was upsetting, we just didn't realize that our grandmother may have been on to something when she warned us not to move in with our college boyfriend... Here's what you had to say: Lavette said: "I never married the man that I lived with nor did our relationship last...hmmmmmmm." Cheryl said: "I was 18 and my boyfriend was 19 and yes , we did shack up for about five years... We've been married now for 29 years. " Read More: Commentary: The Black Men ShortageCommentary: What to Look For In a ManCommentary: What to Look For In a Man Part II


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