EXCLUSIVE: Akoo Jeans Model Speaks About Billboard

Suffice it to say, the Akoo Jeans billboard in Newark, New Jersey, has ticked off more than a few people. After all the fire and flames, blog commentary, and outrage, ESSENCE.com got an exclusive interview with the Akoo Jeans billboard model Dawn Montgomery herself. We wanted to know why she thinks the ad may have been hard for people to swallow, and moreover, why she isn't taking any of the scrutiny personally, even though the pose was her idea. Here's what you had to say: Left_eye commented: "I wonder how this is going to affect this model's career. Will she get more jobs now because the campaign achieved such notoriety..."   Read more: Update: T.I.'s Akoo Jeans Billboard To Be Taken DownSound Off: What You Said About T.I.'s Akoo Jeans Ad



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