Uncovering HPV: 'The Common Cold of STDs'

STI is one of the scariest acronyms out there. Along with the phrase "sexually transmitted infections" comes thoughts of discomfort, shame and fear. But as sexually active adults, we have to realize that "you can never say safe sex, you can only say safer sex," says Dr. Liana Clarke, a specialist in vaccination for HPV, or the Human Papiloma Virus. HPV is a fairly new addition to the STI group. "HPV is the common cold of STIs," says Clarke. ESSENCE.com spoke with Dr. Clarke about how to prevent the scariest effects of HPV and talked to sexual health expert Dr. David Bell to get a better understanding the STD that more than half of us will contract in our adult lives. Read More: Greater Than AIDS: Meeting the Boy Who Gave Me HIVBreaking the Deadly Cycle of HIV Among Black Youth Commentary: Black Americans are Greater Than AIDS


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