Balancing Act: Love The One You're With?

Here's the good news: I didn't slit my wrists this Valentine's Day. I am single. And yes, the older I get the more I just keep thinking about how right my aunties and dearly departed mother have been all along. I remember the day I graduated from Columbia University's grad school like it was yesterday. After a huge celebratory lunch with my family and friends, we retreated to my great aunt's Brooklyn brownstone to indulge in cake and champagne toasts. My mother kicked off her speech by saying, "You have a BA, and MS and we know what's next... M-R-S." As I stood there in my 24-year-old stupor, first with my lip hanging down, then smiling and laughing like I knew what the hell she was talking about, all eyes fell on me and the room grew silent. 'What?" I finally asked. My aunties chimed in, seemingly in unison, "Marriage!"... Read More: Balancing Act: I Want A Man, Not A FanBalancing Act: I Refuse to Hit My Child


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