Are We Obesity-Obsessed?

This week the conversation (or is it thunderous debate?) about weight is more heated than ever. First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off an anti-obesity initiative called "Let's Move!" to get children exercising and to provide healthier meals at school, to begin with. This past weekend movie director Kevin Smith caused a stir for accusing Southwest Airlines of throwing him off a plane because he was "too fat." Smith has since taken to Twitter and the airwaves calling for a change in airline policies with regards to heavier passengers. And as New York Fashion Week rolls on, the fashion world's promises (and campaigns) to be more accepting of "meatier" girls are under fire once again as former supermodel Coco Rocha accuses bookers of not giving her jobs because she's too fat. She's a size 4. Read More: Obesity Rate Stops Rising Celeb Weight Loss


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