Holly Robinson-Peete Rethinks John Mayer Comments

At first actress Holly Robinson-Peete was kinda flattered by singer John Mayer saying she was gorgeous in his over-the-top interview with Playboy Magazine. Giddy in the way that a 45-year-old mom of four would be when a younger man says she's attractive. But since reading the full interview and Mayer's comments about African American women, Robinson-Peete tells People, she is "disgusted and offended." "It went from a compliment to being an insult," she said. "It's crucial for African American women to understand that I would never knowingly gush about such a compliment had I had any clue that it was bookended by these racially denigrating comments about black women." Read More: John Mayer Says N-Word, Tweets ApologyDoes Vanity Fair Hate Black Girls?


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