The Great Growout, Part 4: The Best Brands

Welcome to week four of our "Great Growout" series, where we break down everything you need to know about growing out your relaxer. Today's post is dedicated to product, product, product! As your new growth comes in and you begin sporting two textures, it's important to choose products that moisturize your thirsty curls, while providing definition and frizz-free shine (need inspiration? Check out reporter Tanika Ray's luscious locks!). But with all the products cluttering the shelves, how do you choose? Well, we conducted an informal poll of top stylists, beauty bloggers and our natural-haired girlfriends, and compiled a list of the top haircare brands for chemical-free tresses (in no particular order, of course). Happy hairstyling! Read More: The Great Growout, Part 3: Healthy HairThe Great Growout, Part 2: Chic StylesThe Great Growout, Part 1: Growing Out a Perm


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