Bravo's Top Chef Ron Duprat Gives Healthy Eating Tips

Haitian-born Ron Duprat, best known for his appearance on Bravo's hit TV series Top Chef, will team up with four other contestants on Valentine's Day to raise funds for his native land. The generous chef spoke with about his "a-ha" moment to donate, how to save money when dining out, the importance of using extra virgin olive oil and the best ways to purchase healthy items without breaking the bank. Read More: Why Paying Attention to Portion Size Matters7 Health Resolutions Every Black Woman Should Make

chef-ron-duprat-sashes-300x425.jpg So what ingredients are least costly but most important in daily cooking? DUPRAT: Extra virgin olive oil. I don't believe it is butter. You can use this for salads, meats and baking. What key steps should people start now to eating healthy and smart?

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