Eight-Year-Old Boy Donates Savings To Haiti

All his grandmother's lessons about helping those in need truly rubbed off on Louisiana native, Amirikis Smith. The spirited 3rd grader had been saving for college two years when the Haiti earthquake occurred three weeks ago. So far he's saved $300 and has decided to donate $50 to the relief efforts by writing a letter to President Obama, asking him to send it to the people of Haiti. "Dear President Obama," he wrote, "I have seen the suffering of the people in Haiti and want to share some money from my savings for their relief." The letter was sent to the President by Shreveport, LA mayor Cedric Glover. "It's just amazing when you tell your children, your grandchildren about planting seeds and then they do it and think about it on their own," his grandmother, Vera Smith told a Louisiana TV station. Read More: An American mom adopts two Haitian girlsCommentary: Help Haiti Eliminate Its Debt
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