10 Reasons Why We Love Rico Love

Beyonc. Usher. Jamie Foxx. Puff. Kelly Rowland. All superstars who have had their most recent projects touched by the immensely skilled songwriter Rico Love. Love, 27, born Richard Butler Jr., has spent his career being the mack in the back, creating some of our favorite songs, melodies, and ballads. To say he's gifted is an understatement. Just so you understand: Usher current radio hit "Hey Daddy?" Yes, that's him. "Boyfriend #2" by Pleasure P? Yes, he penned that. "Energy" by Keri Hilson? Yup, he wrote that, too. We could go on, but it's all evidence of how talented the young man from Harlem, N.Y.--who partially grew up in Milwaukee--is. Love had a natural ability to write. Originally signed to Usher as a rap artist, the first song he ever created was the track "Throwback" for Usher's Confessions album. Finding his calling, Love pursued songwriting with a passion and put the title "rapper" on a back burner. Nominated for three Grammy's at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, which airs this Sunday, Essence.com found out that not only is he talented, but he's an all-around good dude. Here's 10 reasons why we love this guy. Read More Check out some other guys that made the 52nd annual Grammy Awards nomination list.


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