Office Obsession: Lavanila's New Aphrodisiac Scent

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, we're deep in the midst of retooling our love goddess arsenal (think lacy La Perla thongs, naughty nighties and smudge-proof scarlet lipstick). Not a moment too son, all-natural fragrance house Lavanila Laboratories has just launched the sexiest scent ever. And we don't just mean it smells sexy. Lavanila Vanilla Passion Fruit ($58) is actually spiked with powerful natural aphrodisiac oils--Blue Lotus, Juniper Berry, and Clary Sage. Through the seductive, lushly tropical scent, Vanilla Passion Fruit is said to trigger a chain reaction that releases neurotransmitters in the brain that stimulate pleasurable hormonal responses. Basically, this limited edition fragrance is a sex magnet. He's a couple months late, but it looks like Santa finally came through for us. Read about other hot fragrances, here. Click here for more Office Obsessions.


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