20 Fantastic Wines For Under $20

The moment Nina Mosley (Nia Long) and Darius Lovehall (Larenz Tate) shared a drink in "Love Jones" is clearly a classic in our minds. Back in the day a simple of glass of wine at a nightclub would run you about $5 and these days it's closer to $10. For that same amount you can get a decent bottle of wine.  In search of a decent bottle wine on a budget, ESSENCE.com enlisted the help of African American Wine Tasting Society founder Renee Rowe, who says one of the biggest misconceptions is that to get a good bottle of wine you've got to spend lots of money. "With a glut of wine in the market that is absolutely false," she says. "There are some great value wines under $20."  Take Renee's list of suggested wine (in no particular order) to your local wine shop and be on your wine to enjoying quality wine on the cheap.   Not sure where to start when it comes to wine? Check out our steps for finding good wine. Check out how celebs are wearing wine-tinted lips from the runway to the red carpet.
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