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Eye Candy of the Week: Vernon Davis


Eye Candy: Vernon Davis

View From the Bay

Morning ladies. We thought you'd enjoy the scenery of 25-year-old, 6'4" San Francisco 49ers tight end (How ironic?) Vernon Davis. Feast your eyes on this Bay Area beef cake.

Bi-Coastal Brother

Although Vernon plays for SF, he was born and raised on the East Coast in D.C. He goes home a lot to spend time with his family and his 2-year-old son.

"Usually in the off season I tend to go back to D.C. I miss my family and my son." he says. "He came to a few of my games and he was able to see me play and he had a good time with it."


Vernon was an art studio major in college. He painted this self-portrait during his Sophomore year, inspired by the Black artist Claude Clarke.

We'd like to share some oil paint with this Picasso.

The Perfect Catch

Vernon counts his smile and his personality as some of his best qualities.

His shoulders, arms and dreamy chocolate complexion aren't too bad either.

Style and Swagger

To snag this stunner, you've got to be a show-stopper. Vernon says he needs a girl with, "pretty feet and a gorgeous smile who's smart, spontaneous and laid back."

Work It Out

"Training for me is pretty intense. I like to run a lot, so I do a lot of track workouts. During the off season, I lift heavy weights. Currently I bench press about 475 pounds," The star athlete, whose been lifting weights since he was in 9th grade, says.

Sporty, Sexy, Cool

Vernon says the rap and house music get him pumped for training.

"I got into house music thanks to a good teammate of mine named Thomas Clayton. I never thought I'd like it until I got around him."

He's currently got "Mama Told Me" by Wale and "Been About Money" by Bird Man on heavy rotation on his iPod.

Firm and Focused

"Before my goal was to become a great player and be the best in my position and go to the pro-bowl, and this year I made it to the pro-bowl," Vernon said happily. "So I accomplished one of my goals. My new goal is to become the best in my position ever and to get into the hall of fame one day."

Chariatble Brother

Now that he's made it, Davis partners with different charities that focus on children.

"I enjoy giving back to the kids and just letting them have a chance to really enjoy themselves and be around star athletes who they see on TV," Vernon says.

"When I deal with kids, I think back to when I was young and to some of the things that I wanted to do," he continues. "That's what makes me appreciate giving back and beings around them."


Off the field this brother's got swagger. That's why he was chosen to host the 2nd Annual Styling the Modern Man Opening Night Galaa at the W Hotel in San Francisco last year.

"A lot of it has to do with being an art studio major in college," He says about his sense of style. Also he picked up a lot of his fashion sense "from going to different places, growing up in D.C. and from watching TV and keeping up with fashion."

City Slicker

This strapping young man likes to visit New York for the fast life. He recently hit up the Big Apple for fashion week.

"It was fun. I went to the shows and the parties. I met Common and Justin Timberlake. I like New York because it's a big cit, it's fast and the lights are always on, but I don't like the way people drive," he admits.

Family Man

Vernon came by the ESSENCE office to show the ladies some love.

"It was a good time being there. I had a lot of fun being in the office, meeting everybody. Everyone was really nice."


We'd like to touch on this 25-year-old tight end. That is all.

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