Eye Candy of the Week: Keston Karter

It's the first Monday of the year, ladies. We thought we'd get you off on the right uh... foot with sexy model and actor Keston Karter. We love, love, love this calendar boy. Happy New Year.

We're kicking off your first work week of 2010 with actor and model Keston Karter. We know you vowed to cut down on the sweets this year, but every girl needs some Eye Candy. Happy New Year ladies.

Kestongrew up in Long Island, New York but was born in tropical Trinidad.One of the perks of being an actor/model is being able to go to the island for shoots.Come February he's heading home to shoot a romantic movie.

Keston says his first love is acting, which he started doing in high school.His good looks helped him add "model" to his resume back when he was 19

Keston's favorite thing about acting is being able to take on a new persona.

"You can be whatever you want to be, literally," Keston says excitedly. "When you're doing a role you are that different person."

Weightlifting is a big part of Keston's lifestyle. He's been training since he was 16 and hits the gym at least 5 days a week.

We're scratching our heads, wondering why this gorgeous man is single.

"I'd prefer to be in a relationship with one woman," Keston says. "But it has to be the right person."

When it comes to the dating game, Keston's strategy is to take things slow.

"I'm not too big on rushing into things," he says. "In order for me to fall in love it takes time."

"I don't like one specific kind of woman." says Keston, who admits to liking girls of all sizes. "The overall package has to be attractive. There's attractiveness in every woman."

Karter's intrigued by women with a strong sense of self worth.

"I admire independent women that have respect for themselves, not just how they carry themselves but what they tolerate from others," he reveals. "If you're not happy with who you are and where you are, you're not going to be able to make someone else happy."

Keston's biggest turn off is a fibber.

"Dishonesty is a deal breaker," he declares. "Once I feel like I can't trust you, we have nothing, not even a friendship."

Keston got inked at 16 with a tribal tattoo on his left arm and shoulder, which he drew and a drawing of his mother on his right. Don't expect him expand his body art collection. Two tats was enough.

If you want to get close to Keston, you better get in good with hismother, who says his mother is the "Queen" in his life.

"Her opinion matters a lot to me," Keston admits, "not because she's my mother but because of who she is as a person. Me and my mother are very, very close."

Having a family one day is very important to the 24-year-old who would like three children ideally. For now, he's gets his kiddie time in with his niece and nephew.

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