How to Love Yourself in Seven Easy Steps

Are you forever fretting or second guessing yourself? Does guilt over take your day? Relationship expert, Dr. Janet shares how we can start loving ourselves more. She gives seven easy steps to follow for 2010.


As we move into a new year, we have a new opportunity to reflect upon our life by examining how our own behavior, attitudes and beliefs either served us or have set us up in this past year. We have the choice to filter the external nonsense or noise, eliminate deadweights who hold us down by their negativity, or realize our own power  to choose joy or happiness.

How you ask?  Well, first, find a quiet space and give yourself an hour. Grab a pen and paper. Write down every thing that is good in your life, what you have learned about yourself in the past year and three strengths that you have. When you are finished, put the paper in a visible place where you can see it. As the year progresses, add or subtract to your  "ALL ABOUT YOU" list.

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