UPDATE: Chris Henry Funeral

Chris Henry's funeral was held in New Orleans Tuesday December 22 at the Alario Center, not far from where the young athlete grew up. Friends, family and fans gathered to say goodbye to the 26-year-old reciever who is noted for turning his life around after a number of run-ins with the law. The Bengals players flew into the city of brotherly love and took up the grandstand in the facility. All teammates wore black buttons with Henry's number 15 on them, CBS reported. Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco wore a Chris Henry jersey. "Can't nobody know the way I'm feeling right now. No one can explain the relationship that me and Chris had," Henry's fiancee Loleini Tonga said through her tears as she spoke to the hundreds of funeral attendees yesterday. "In six years of knowing each other -- through hard times, good times -- we loved each other very much. People say I helped change his life. No. He changed mine" For the latest updates on Chris Henry click here. Remember the life and career of Chris Henry.


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