Obama Watch: The CBC Letter to the President

The Congressional Black Caucus is keeping the pressure on President Obama to do more about the disproportionate African-American unemployment rate. In a letter to the President, the organization of African-American lawmakers outlined their priorities for job creation. Washington correspondent Cynthia Gordy has the details on the CBC's suggestions. 


Although President Obama has, conversely, said that he wants to focus solely on the economic plight of the country as a whole, members of his administration have taken heed to the CBC's concerns.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, for example, has addressed the need for more Recovery Act dollars and infrastructure projects to reach minority workers and businesses. He recently pushed all 50 state governors to use proven apprenticeship and job training programs, as well as community partnerships, to ensure that stimulus funding goes to those who need it most.

"I believe it is vital that we work together to provide small disadvantaged businesses, and female and minority workers, a fair chance to participate in transportation projects," LaHood wrote last week in a letter to governors, detailing specific steps for them to take. "I urge you to take advantage of existing equal opportunity programs and resources and to create innovative strategies to provide opportunities for the underrepresented."

So, it looks like the CBC is starting to get some response to the alarm they're sounding on Black unemployment. Do you agree with their ideas on the economy?

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