Judge Delays Joe Jackson's Allowance Request

A Los Angeles judge is saying not so fast to Joe Jackson's request for a $20,000 a month allowance from Michael Jackson's estate, delaying arguments from lawyers until next month, according to CNN. Lawyers say papa Joe has been MJ's dependent for years and has monthly expenses amounting to $15,000. Jermaine Jackson came out in his father's defense, calling the whole process "ridiculous". "That shouldn't even be," he told CNN. "The fact is my father is the estate. He created the estate." The judge also threw out a petition by Nona Lola Paris Jackson, who says she was married to MJ, calling her claims "replete with deficiencies." The infamous Billie Jean Jackson, who once sued MJ for $1 billion dollars, was also not heard in court. READ OUR PAST MICHAEL JACKSON UPDATES


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