Welcome To 'The Brand Me Minute'

In this new economic arena, there are a lot of new and even odd buzzwords being thrown around. Branding used to be something you would hear either in a company-marketing meeting or in the farmhouse.  But today, branding is who you are. It's your resume, your blog, your business meeting, your Facebook page, your fashion, your generosity, etc. Everything you do or say makes a statement about who you are, and in this competitive market, who you are, is the only weapon you have to win. But how do you use what you have? How do you sell that you're the best person or the best business to someone by just being you? We sat down with branding strategist Melissa Dawn Johnson, who, over the last 12 years, has shown individuals and massive corporate entities just how to do it. Her refreshing approach is the very reason we decided to bring you Brand Me Minutes every week. Sixty seconds of that kick in the pants, that reassuring pep talk, that "umph" you need to start transforming your image into a brand that no one can refuse. To kick off the video series, we decided to lay down the foundation of branding to get you going.


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