BeBe Winans' Abused Ex Thanks Oprah for Ban

Debra Winans thanks O for banning her ex from the show until his domestic abuse case is settled.


BeBe Winans' Abused Ex Thanks Oprah


Oprah Removes BeBe Winans From Guest List

UPDATE 11/06/09: BeBe Winans will not appear on Oprah Winfrey's show until his domestic violence charges are resolved, according to the Associated Press. Last Friday, Winfrey invited the singer on the show and his appearance didn't go well with bloggers. After the segment, some asked whether Winfrey was guilty of a double standard by including him when she took a stand against domestic violence surrounding the Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle.

Last winter, Winans was charged with a misdemeanor domestic assault for allegedly pushing ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground. He is set to for court on January 20. A spokesman for Winfrey says the singer will not be on the show until his legal matters are settled. -JW


Oprah's Friendship With BeBe Winans Hurts His Ex-Wife

UPDATE 11/03/09: Debra Winans, ex-wife of gospel great BeBe Winans, is hurt by Oprah Winfrey's continued support of her ex, as his domestic violence case continues, according to Last February, Debra called cops and reported she had been pushed to the ground by her former husband in front of their two pre-teen children. He was arrested the day before Oprah Winfrey spoke out on abuse on her show, in light of the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, and the media mogul continues to be vocal on her stance against domestic violence. BeBe is hosting "Oprah's Karaoke Challenge" and will return to the show this Thursday, November 5.--CJ

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