Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

As you prepare to take your little princesses and goblins out trick-or-treating this Halloween, read these tips on how to have fun without putting your kids or others in harm's way. 




When preparing for a night of trick-or-treating, make sure children are accompanied by an adult, and that older kids do not go out alone. Set a time limit, and plan a safe route, reminding children that it is not a good idea to take shortcuts or alleys, or cut through random backyards.

Inspect All Treats
Children should remember not to eat any treats they collect until they get home, and the treats are inspected by an adult in a well-lighted area. Remember, an unwrapped piece of candy could be harmful to you or others, so get rid of it right away in a safe manner. 

Add Some Extra Insurance
It is a good idea to ask your Neighborhood Watch group or your local law enforcement or fire department's personnel to patrol the neighborhood during trick-or-treating hours.

Be a Good Neighbor
Remember to move any objects from your yard or porch that might be a hazard to visitors, and welcome your trick-or-treaters by turning on your porch light, letting them know you are home, and it is okay to go to their door for candy.

For information on the National Crime Prevention Council, visit

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