Two-Year Journey to Buying Her First Home

You may remember Latisha Williams from the pages of ESSENCE magazine a few years ago. In 2007, we challenged several African-American women to take on the most important financial move of their lives and consider becoming first-time homeowners.


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Although Williams moved slowly through the process, she moved at her own pace, making sure that her finances were straight before taking on this huge responsibility. Two years later, Williams is happy to announce that both she and her teenage daughter Bridgett have moved into their three-bedroom home for $69,900. She tells how she believes she got derailed from the ESSENCE Homeownership Campaign, what she learned from that experience and why ultimately waiting the extra few years made all of the difference.

WILLIAMS: I still used all the paperwork I received and reviewed all the steps, particularly when it came to finding a Realtor. I looked at 25 homes in four months with one Realtor and then kind of fell off again. I got discouraged and started thinking, I don't know if this is ever going to happen for me. Then a friend started telling me about her homeownership process. She gave me the number of her Realtor and she got to work right away. It was just a much better fit. She listened, was real with me in terms of cost and looked for homes in neighborhoods that I wanted to live in. 

WILLIAMS: It feels great. The whole process took about 45 days. We closed on September 11, but I officially moved in about three weeks ago. My appraisals and inspections went well. I have a living room, dining room, a full basement, my daughter and I have our own bedrooms and there's an enclosed porch with a large backyard. I think we got a pretty good deal. I'm so excited because had I bought a home two years ago when I did the program, I don't know where I would be today. I can actually say I was ready this time. I remember all the ESSENCE homeownership experts saying, "Don't let anyone rush you because this is something you're investing in for a long time." I'm just grateful to have so many people supporting me along the way.


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