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Football Fiesta


Throwing the ultimate Super Bowl soiree doesn't have to be a hassle. The trick is to plan ahead.  

Score big with a few of our tips:

Prepare the living room. Move your furniture around for optimal football watching. Everyone should have their view of the tube. If necessary, ask the neighbors to borrow a couple extra chairs. Card table chairs are worse than bleacher seats. If you're really wealthy, consider upgrading to a giant, high-definition screen. (Okay, just kidding on the TV).

Set the time. Invite guests to the party about an hour before kickoff. That'll give the slowpokes a chance to be fashionably late. Plus, you'll get a chance to greet the guests before the coin toss.

Plan the menu. Of course beer and soda are a must. But investing in these snacks will result in supreme satisfaction.

Skillet Nachos. With all the kick-off excitement, guests are sure to have the munchies. Get the party started with a tasty finger food like this zesty fan favorite.

Warm Spinach Dip. Nothing says football like a great dip. This tasty spinach dip is one of the best. It's not too difficult to create either.



Beany Beefy Chili. This football fav is filling and surprisingly healthy.




Mini Turkey Burgers. These three-bite burgers are cute and tasty. It's also easy to eat, so cheering fans won't spill on your sofa.


Peanut Brownies. Whether your team is winning or losing, there's always room for dessert. These rich treats are sure to be a favorite.

Go ahead, make a bet. Once guests arrive, encourage some friendly wagers. Just a couple bucks, of course. It's a sure way to  rev up the party.

Let folk stick around. Hardcore fans need a moment to chat about the game. We promise you won't have to kick anybody out. It is a Sunday, after all.