Teacher's Pet: Courtney "Goldie" Jackson

Courtney "Goldie" Jackson always had hopes of becoming a true southern belle. The North Carolina native and aspiring comedian, who has a degree in psychology/premed from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has put down her scrubs for the stag

"On Schatar…"
"The first time I saw her, I knew she was going to be pure comedy because she was wearing an outfit with pink feathers and they were everywhere. I thought she was a stripper, and a bad one at that. Now, I just think she has stripper tendencies. And her hair looks like it does an extra job—and that would be cleaning her house."

On Darra…
"My initial impression was that she needed some language classes because I couldn’t understand a word she was saying when she was on Flavor of Love. She seemed like a cool girl, but after her turn on the catwalk, I know deep down inside she wants to be a couture model."

On Saaphyri…
"I knew that if somebody stepped to her in the wrong way that she was going to black out."

On Larissa…"
"She acts like a little girl because she’s always getting mad and pouting. Off camera, she acts pretty mature, but when you put her in the middle of a whole lot of girls, she becomes defensive. On a side note, her weave always look good."

On Shay…
"She’s cool but always ready to throw down, because she’s from Atlanta."

On Becky…
"I believe in my heart that in a previous life she was a Black woman and she’s pissed off that God has made her come back as Rebecca. She’s cool people and a natural comedian who’s going to keep you laughing."

On kissing Flava Flav…
"I was having a White-girl moment."

On who will be the winner…
"A couple of girls got a good shot especially Leilene, Saaphyri and maybe even Shay. When I was with Leilene she was always studying and trying to learn from every lesson, and the judges were paying attention to that. But then again, because it’s Mo’Nique’s show she’ll probably go with a Black woman. So, Leilene is my politically correct answer, but I really think that the winner will be a sister."

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